Windshield Replacement Service

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Something as simple as an improperly installed windshield can affect the structural integrity of your car. That’s why at NACCO of Illinois, our trained technicians don’t cut any corners and go beyond the industry standard to make sure your windshield is installed perfectly. We’ll bring a factory quality windshield to you, anywhere in Orland Park, IL or the southern suburban area and have an experienced glass specialist install it.

Windshield = Structural Integrity

The windshield is a significant part of the structural integrity of your vehicle, so when companies cut corners on the installation, you could face serious consequences in the event of a head-on or rollover accident. A windshield prevents the roof from crushing during a rollover accident. Also, anytime the passenger side airbag is deployed with an improperly installed windshield, it can pop out the windshield instead of protecting your passenger. That’s why it’s so important that a trained and experienced installer from NACCO handles your windshield replacement.

We Replace Windshields On:

Experience The NACCO of Illinois Difference

Premium Original Quality Equipment

We use only premium, original quality equipment to ensure a better fit, finish and clarity. Many windshield installers simply cut out the glass then glue the windshield onto the old glue which can lead to leakage, rust, wind noise, and possible structural issues. Not at NACCO of Illinois. Our experienced installers go the extra mile that other installers don’t. It begins with complete glass and glue removal. Then, we apply a primer and a rust inhibitor to make sure you won’t have any rust damage years down the road. Next we install a brand new replacement seal to ensure that your windshield is mounted uniformly to your vehicle. Call the installer that takes your safety as seriously as you do.

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