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The NACCO of Illinois Corporation was founded in 1990 by Dennis and Sharon Peters. We began as a glass repair only shop using the NACCO* resin system to repair windshields. Since then we have added services to RR-Blue-trans-150-229include windshield replacement, mobile service, convertible top plastic glass polishing, power window motor, gear, switch replacement, home window pane service and etc.

We provide excellent working conditions for our employees and keep a very low turnover rate. Our motto is “A happy crew is a productive crew.” We treat our employees well and have an excellent relationship with each employee. We are also actively involved in our community and help out surrounding charities donating 20% of our corporate income to many local charities. We help out with homeless shelters, programs for young mothers, alcohol rehabilitation, and many others. We feel fortunate to have a thriving business and have kept a “Blessed to be a blessing.” approach knowing that helping others is a creative way to express our gratitude for our customer loyalty.

31 years strong and growing, strong family values, strong personal relationships with the employees, and strong pillars in the local community and church has proven a recipe for success for our family owned business.

*NACCO is the gold standard for professional windshield repair. Our trained technicians will give you a permanent repair that will be stronger than your original windshield and provide 80% to 90% clarity.

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